Bentley is officially 6 years old. He has come such a way since we were blessed to bring him home. He is almost completely potty trained, still has accidents once in a while but he is doing so well. His favorite thing to play with is his rope toys. He loves to throw them into […]

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Snow Dogs

We have had our far share of snow here lately. Both boys enjoy the snow. However, Bentley is in love. When we take him out and he notices that it has snowed again he can barely contain himself and starts running circles while his tail is wagging as fast as it can go. It is […]

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Best Friends

I know that sometimes when you get a new pet after you have had another one for a long time they don’t always get along great. However, this is not the case for Tweeter and Bentley. Tweeter has been showing him the ropes of just how to be a good dog. He makes sure that […]

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Bentley James

As many of you know we adopted a handsome little beagle in September. He came to us with many issues the main one being that he had Heart-worms. He has gone through multiple pills, a few days of shots, and more pills. We are happy to tell everyone that he is heart-worm free. When he […]

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Momma’s Boys

For those of you who don’t know Alex is in a direct sales company that has things for fur babies. Cat and Dogs. No, I’m not going to push that on our blog. If you have questions about the company you can ask otherwise we won’t be pushing that on the blog. We were making […]

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Fur Babies

We are very much animal lovers. Honestly, if I could and Alex would allow it I would own tons of land and take in as many animals as possible. I love them, but for right now in our lives we have 2 beautiful dogs. Tweeter and Bentley! Please share your animals with us as well!

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This is Bentley. Our newest family addition. We went to volunteer at our animal rescue a few weeks ago and came home with this sweet boy. My birthday had been a few days before we volunteered and I had been telling Alex that I wanted a smaller dog for he could be more of a […]

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I was scrolling facebook one afternoon while I was at work, one of my friends had posted this picture of a dog that was looking for a home. Alex and I had discussed getting a dog, but hadn’t really been looking very hard or had really decided on what kind of breed we wanted. I […]

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