I know I haven’t posted super recently. With it now being summer break for the kids and my mom I am down in their town more frequently. Trying to get things done with them and helping by doing some updates on their house. Vin has 2 summer camps that he goes to this summer and the girls each have one. We trying to fit in as much family time in the summer as possible plus blending it with some summer activities. We also try and take the kids more often in the summer to give my parents some much needed quiet time. I know that some of you know but not all of you know that the kids reside with my parents. I made some mistakes and had some very dark times in my past and so my children went to live and later be adopted by my parents. I have since then made a better life for me and done a lot of healing and just over all self care. At some point I may go into deeper detail but I am not really sure. I am teaching myself to stop looking back and keep moving forward.

We had the kids for 5 days a week and had tons of fun swimming, playing and just being together. We have tons of summer planned and can’t wait to share it with you. We try to fit 10 pounds of life in a five pound bag. Alex’s Dad always said that and when I heard it I fell in love. Life should be filled with tons of love, fun and laughter. We also had my best friend, her husband, and their 6 kids out for 2 nights hanging out. One night was before my kids came then next it was 4 adults and 9 kids. Ranging from 17 to 17 months old. We plan to do at least one more night like that before school starts back up again.

Vincent is also getting a new insulin pump this summer so that will be a challenge. I am hoping that it all works out well and everything goes smoothly. We hope to be starting school back up with having no finger pokes and good sugars. We are so blessed that he has such and awesome endocrinologist and team to help guide us through this path. Vin has now been type 1 diabetic for 7 years and 4 months. Its a very long hard road. I don’t wish this on anyone.

I hope and pray that all of you have a great awesome summer. If you want to catch more of our everyday life follow us on Instagram. I do update facebook sometimes but more day to day stuff is throught instagram. We are also hoping to do a back to school give away come August. That will be announced on Instagram first. Have a great summer and God bless!


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