Do you ever catch yourself starring off and thinking about things you hadn’t thought of for a very long time? I find myself doing that often. This past week I have caught myself thinking about my family when I was younger. Times when we had family gatherings either at the house I grew up in or at my grandmother’s. Man oh man do I miss her. I miss the way she was such a goof or the way she laughs. I miss my Aunt before she got too sick. She lived many years with pain and sickness. I was thinking about when we wanted to roast marshmallows at my grandma’s but she didn’t have a fire pit or roasting sticks for that matter so we made a small fire inside of bricks. It was so small we were all laughing so hard. We got some sticks and the only marshmallows she had was little ones which made us laugh even harder. When we would have cook outs at my parents house sometime my favorite uncles would walk me to the park because we only lived 2 blocks away. They would both hold my hand and make me tell them over and over who my favorite uncle was and I could never choose. They would swing me into the air when we crossed the street. Still to this day my Uncle Mark uses my full name. He is one of very few who call me Rebecca. I usually don’t even answer to it really because I have been Becca my whole life. My Aunt Penny always had this intuitive way of knowing when something was wrong or you were having a bad day even if she wasn’t around you. She would call out of the blue and just tell me that she loved me and I would break down and tell her everything. She always had the best wisdom and words of encouragement. I have tons of fond memories from my childhood. I grew up playing outside til the streetlights came on, we had about 2 minutes after they came on to have our bikes and whatever other toys we had out to be put away and get ourselves inside or we were in trouble. My best friend (she is still my best friend) grew up one house way from me for most of our childhood. We had tons of skin and blood on that sidewalk in front of our houses from accidents. Either it be bike, skateboard, rollerblading, or just falling. Man we had some fun times. There was quiet a few of us that grow up together on that block. Us girls however did out number the boys. Which they hated lol. I don’t think there is much I would change about growing up and I am so glad for all the memories I have now as an adult. For all of the cool family members that I had and all the friends I made growing up. Thank you all for shaping me into who I am today and for giving me great memories to think about while I stare off into space.


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