I thought I would take some time to tell you how things are going so far living in our camper full time. Mostly things haven’t really changed too much because we are still stationary for now. I mean living in a camper you have to downsize your life tremendously. We have already started getting rid of a few things we don’t need to have. We purged stuff before and during moving into the camper but going to be downsizing again. It’s amazing how little you actually need to own. I just now read and write from our camper. Once the weather starts being nicer and all this rain is out of the forecast I can be writing outside or just being outside for more than one day at a time. There has been tons of rain in Iowa lately. Honestly I am over it. I want some sunshine and outside time. The camper gets dirty very quickly, especally since the dogs have to go outside to potty then bring the mud and water inside. Disorganization is complete disarray. I am still getting things organized or moved about to see what works for us. Yesterday I rearranged cabinets because some were just not working and we needed more room for office things. Running 4 businesses out of a camper can get a bit crazy when you need more inventory. Thankfully I made it work. One nice thing is that cleaning in a camper is much quicker than in a sticks and bricks house. It might get dirty faster but it takes less time to clean all of it. We did a whole camper clean yesterday and it took less than 2 hours even with organising 2 cabinets in there as well. Another thing that isn’t so awesome is we are still tripping and stepping on eachother sometimes. Mainly when the dogs think I need them at my feel while cooking. When we lived in the house we would all hang out in the kitchen while I was cooking which was fine when it was bigger than a camper kitchen. Now its just more difficult. Last thing that drives me a bit nuts is that there always. Seems to be a layer of dirt on everything. I am repeatedly wiping the counter and cupboards off.

This weekend I will be making some curtains for the girls bunks so they can keep them shut when they want alone time. Plus they keep a few things on their beds and wanted to keep them a bit more private. It also lets me add a bit more of us to the camper. I’m also making curtains for 2 of the windows. I plan on ordering some bamboo roll up blinds for them eventually. I like the windows all covered at night. I’m thinking of making some covered for the table benches as well. At first I didn’t think I would mind it being so “campery” but now being here for awhile I am ready to make some changes to make it more homey. I think I might eventually paint some walls as well. Maybe, possibly just white. Yes I may have made up the word campery…lol

Overall though I am loving this journey we have embarked upon. The campground we are at is awesome. The kids love it. The owners are nice and the upkeep is amazing. I love that we can just pull our wagon down the hill and do laundry right here. I love the simplicity of this life style. Alex and I spend more time together here and thrive more as well. I know that seems crazy but to us that’s awesome. We are so much better when we are together. The dogs even seem happier, well when they can be outside. Since it has rained so much lately our “yard” has turned into a swamp. I am so glad we have had 2 days of sunshine and warmth. We all needed it.


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