We wanted to give you all an update on how things have come along since starting out chats with Alex’s birth parents. Honestly, things couldn’t have worked out any better so far. We talk to Madre and Pop everyday. They are a huge part of our lives. We have all grown very close. We have set up a meeting to do an in person visit. We are all excited. We plan to spend a week with them. Tons of bonding. Tons of laughing, And I am sure crying as well. At least for Madre and Me anyways.

I admire this woman. His birth mother very much. She has lived her life with always wondering what could have been. The what-ifs. Wondering what her sweet boy looks like. What he sounds like. Favorite sport. Favorite color. Is he married? Is he happy? Does he have kids? Does he hate me? Things every day in the back of her mind. Yet, she still pushed on because she knew that she had made the ultimate sacrifice of love for her son. She loved him so much that while he was still growing inside her she picked a family that would hopefully take care of her son and love him in ways that she could. I am beyond impressed by her strength and corsage. I thank her daily for growing him and picking a family for him so that now I can have my soul-mate to spend my days with.

Alex is having fun learning about his heritage as a Native American. Learning about the ways of his people and how they lived. Where they came from. His tribe is from the mountains of Tennessee. Pop has been teaching him a lot and its fun to learn from Alex.

We are beyond blessed to now have an even bigger family to love and to love us. Not only did we gain more parent figures to help guide us through life, but also another brother and a sister. I think he is a good mix of both of his parents.


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