Bentley is officially 6 years old. He has come such a way since we were blessed to bring him home. He is almost completely potty trained, still has accidents once in a while but he is doing so well. His favorite thing to play with is his rope toys. He loves to throw them into the air and run after them. He loves going on walks too. However, I am certain his favorite things to do are cuddle and sleep. He is always cuddling with someone. He loves to curl up under blankets. He is all happy and healthy now. No more heart worm problems thankfully. He has gained weight and lost some too. He is finally found his happy weight. I could not be happier that he is our boy. I am even happier that I am his person. That he is always beside me. Tweeter has been more of Alex’s dog so when he got Bentley for my birthday we were hoping that I would be the person he was most attached too. No we didn’t do much for his birthday. Just a walk with Keona and Lilliana then some cuddle and movie time. He did get a veggie meatball as his birthday extra snack.


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