Esmirelda (Our beautiful girl)

We are so beyond happy with our new camper guys. It is like everything that we had hoped for when we dreamed about a camper. We have lovingly named her Esmirelda or Esme (Es-May) for short. She has a gypsy heart much like my own so needed a very suiting name. We have enough room for all of us to move around. The girls are even happy that they each get a bed and don’t have to share. Which makes us very happy. There is a spot for a tv which will be nice for cooler evenings and rainy days. We can close the door while Alex sleeps during the day. That will be nice for him. The boys will have enough room to lounge around. Vinny will even have a full size bed. We are all so happy. Truly beyond blessed. I love that there is a couch and table area. I just cannot express exactly how much I love our Esme. Guys, I cannot tell you too many times to follow your dreams. To not get discouraged and just keep pushing. We are not exactly where we want to be just yet but we are moving forward. We hope to be moved into our camper within a few weeks. We would love to be moving this weekend, just not sure if that will work out yet or not. I am so ready for us to be out at the campground. Things happen when they happen you just have to hold out hope and pray that things work out. You have to have that drive to keep going. To see the bigger picture. I will write a post soon about all of our plans for the next year and then few years after that.


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