Our youngest daughter plays a trumpet in the school band. This is her first year. It has been so rewarding watching her grow in her abilities as a trumpet players. She has this wonderful natural talent to learn instruments quickly. She had a spring music concert for all the grades. It was so fun to watch all of them. What was even neater was watching the older grade kids helping, cheering on, and encouraging the younger kids. Each grade would play a few songs and at the end of each song all the other members from the other grades would cheer for them. It was so cool to see when the older classmates would stand and cheer for the younger ones. The closing songs were all of the band members playing the same song as one big band. We as a society need to do that more often. We need to cheer on our fellow man. Yes, did the younger kids make mistakes while playing? Yes, yes they did. However the older kids would just cheer for them. It didn’t matter that they had played a wrong note, or that they had squeaked their reeds, or that they played off beat for a moment. What mattered is that they showed up and gave it their all. At the end of the day if more of us cheered each other on for showing up and trying our best we would all be better off. I wish that more of us could stand and cheer for someone else finding their way in this unforgiving world. I was absolutely blessed to see this first hand and I left with my heart full of joy and love. So, thank you to the band kids for showing everyone what real life is actually about.


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