Sometimes you hear a song. Those songs that just hit you right in the core. Like the lyrics themselves were written right from your very soul. How could anyone else know what you soul was feeling? This is why music draws people together. Music has this undeniable ability to say the things that not everyone can get their souls to speak out of their lips. It shows love to your fellow man. It shows the raw broken feelings you have been trying to hide for so long. It builds you up to be strong enough to take on the world. It has this way or wrapping itself around you and giving you exactly what you need when you need it. If there is possibly one thing that could bring everyone in this world together and show us that we are all the same regardless of color, sex, orientation, stature, or past it would be music. It would show us just how insecure, beaten, bruised, and weary we all are. I love finding one of those songs you just have to listen to on repeat. Over and Over until the emotions heal themselves. Music is for sure my saving grace. Have a beautiful day my friends!


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