This recipe doesn’t really have any certain things it needs for ingredients. We had fajitas this week so we had leftover from them plus rice. Also, some taco meat and black beans. So i just kinda made a quick throw together. I will just tell you what I all added and how i cooked it.

I added some Olive oil to a pan and added some minced garlic and let it all get heated. I put in some mini tater tots. I left them brown up then used a hamburger masher and broke them all apart. I then added the taco meat and fajitas. I let them cook a few minutes and get all mixed together nicely. Next I added the corn, black beans and rice. While letting that mix up and cook together in another pan I made some scrambled eggs and when they were done cooking I put those in the pan with everything else.

They were that simple. Sometimes so of the best recipes in just using up what you have left in the fridge. I hate throwing food away so I try to use what I can to make good left over meals.


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