So, we had some very interesting things happen this week. Alex had started the search for his birth parents a few weeks ago. We got a call last week that the adoption agency had received his letter and would begin working on his case. We got a call on Monday that they had found his birth Mother via Facebook and that she was willing to make contact with him through Facebook. So, he added her and they began to talk. Upon chatting for a few minutes he found out that she was with his Birth father. Alex has 2 half brothers and a sister with his birth family which he is pretty happy about. Growing up with 3 sisters he had always wanted a brother. Him and one of his brothers are now messaging everyday and he is also chatting with his birth mother and birth father. This warms my heart immensely. It has been a long journey getting to this point. Alex’s worst fear in all of this is that he would be letting his Dad and Mom down. He is very appreciative of everything they have done. He recognizes that they chose to adopt children that they didn’t make and love them til the end of days. His parents are/were some of the greatest people and have loved 4 children that they brought into their home. They not once ever felt that they were not Hartman’s. All of them strive everyday to make them proud of who they are and how they were raised. They also try to leave a good legacy of their Dad who passed away 5 years ago. It was a very hard hit to all of the kids. He was a great man and father. Before Alex had even begun his search he called his Mom and had a conversation so she knew what was going on and that he was going to try and find his birth parents. He didn’t want her hurt to find out blindly. The Hartman’s have never hidden anything about the adoptions or what they knew of the birth parents from their children. They left the decision up to each child if they wanted to try and find them. Only one of Alex’s sisters has wanted to find her birth family. She found her birth father and they have a relationship. I share this story with all of you because it is a good hearted story. It’s a warm your heart kind of story. I hope all of you are having a great week.


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