Bentley running circles in the snow. He loves when it snows.

We have had our far share of snow here lately. Both boys enjoy the snow. However, Bentley is in love. When we take him out and he notices that it has snowed again he can barely contain himself and starts running circles while his tail is wagging as fast as it can go. It is for sure a site to see.

We have an Arboretum here with nice paths to walk. Also, there are a few Pokemon stops and gyms so Alex and I can play while taking the dogs on a walk. We took the dogs out the other day and there is 12-14 inches on snow on the ground. Bentley is in snow heaven he loved it. They played and we laughed so much that Alex and I didn’t even play because watching the boys play was so much fun.

Just playing in the snow

It is fun to see Bentley continue to come more and more out of his shell and letting us see just how much of a personality he has. Tweeter and Bentley have become such good friends. It makes my heart so happy that Tweeter just took him in and has shown him the ropes of a happy dog life. Tweeter is the best big brother we could ask for!

They are happy playing in the snow and having fun outings in it. This Momma however is ready for some shorts and to trade in my boots for flip flops. Come on warm weather.

Happy Dog smiles!

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