Sometimes things just don’t work out the way that you want them too. You can plan things out to be exactly how you want them and that doesn’t always pan out to exactly how you wanted them. So, take a step back and re-evaluate the situation.

Alex and I have been looking at campers and are itching to go and things just haven’t turned out how we have planned them. We are so lucky that our friends are still so awesome and gracious to let us keep staying here until we get the camper and the weather cooperates the way it needs to. We are lucky honestly that we are indoors right now. The weather has been very harsh lately, between snow upon snow upon snow to very cold temperatures that we aren’t 100% ready to deal with. We will need a bit of time to get the camp ready for the weather seeings as to how we will be full time in the camper. Come rain, snow, sun, and freezing temps.

So, we have taken a few steps back and are looking at the big picture as to how we are still grateful to be in a house right now even though I am going crazy and ready to be in the outdoors. I thrive being outside. Feeling the ground under my feet. Feeling the wind in my hair. When things just aren’t going the way you planned step back and take a big look. Sometimes things not working out are blessing in disguise.


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