I love Mondays! I know most people do not, however I love them. It is my most productive day of the week most of the time and for some reason I am super motivated come Monday. I not really sure why that is, but I think it has to do with the fact that Alex starts back to work Sunday nights so I usually cuddle with a book when he leaves and read until I fall asleep. Could be because Alex is only home once night a week which is Saturday night so we usually do a date nigh. Then on Sundays we plan out for the week with the blog, social media, bills, life, just anything that is coming our way. So then come Monday I am ready to hit the ground running. I usually spend time writing Monday mornings, I try to plan out food recipes I might post for the week, usually spend some time just brainstorming ideas for the blog. This week however I am slowly packing things. Alex and I live a pretty minimalist lifestyle so we don’t really own tons of things. In all honesty I am the one that has the most things. Between my sewing items and my few (yes, a few-like 10) books I just can’t part with, those are my “hording” things. Otherwise, we own enough clothes to last 2 weeks; a few fancy outfits; business supplies for Alex, notebooks for me for writing ideas, and household items, and of course the dog’s things. We don’t need tons of things. we are fine without tons of things. My favorite spot or place to be will always be in the forest. Listening to chit chat of birds, the wind rustling the leaves on a tree, the sun peaking through the branches hitting my face. I am a very simple person. Don’t get it wrong though, I love screaming at the TV during a sporting event. I also love kicking back with some friends and having a game night. My favorite game to play though has to be Uno with the kids. They laugh and laugh and its the best. Alex and I love fishing. We love taking the kids fishing. We love fishing on our own. Back to the main topic, I’m not sure why Mondays always have such a bad rap but I think they are great! Hope every one of you has a great week this week.


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