Hey everyone! We are a week away from hopefully getting our camper and moving full time into a campground full time. Its so close I can almost taste it. My fingers are crossed because every time we feel like we are this close something always seems to come up and things don’t go as planned. We are set to meet someone to get the camper on Friday! I am excited. Then I will get to start making it our home. Maybe that is what excites me most of all. This journey has been a long time coming. I am excited for the trips we can make and take the camper so we can just stay in there. I am ready to meet all kinds of new people on this next journey of our lives. I haven’t dreamt of this day for 3 years. I have wanted to get a camper and live in it full time. Travel when and if we want to. Of course our main hub is still where we are right now because of family, but we have a list already started for places to visit this year. We be sure to post pictures on Facebook and Instagram of our travels and will also review some campsites we stay at. Some times waiting for a dream to come true can seem like such a long event, but if you just keep the bigger picture in mind of what the goal is then it makes it well worth the wait. Write down your dream then write down the plan on how to get your dream. It makes it simpler for you to achieve. So if you have some time this week and we happen to pop into your mind, say a prayer for us, send us some good vibes, whatever it is that you do. We are ready for our dreams to finally fall into place.


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