Hey guys, as I lay here in bed thinking about all the things the next few months hold for me and Alex, I am excited and scared. I love new adventures, however new can be scary. I very much love living in the comfort of my comfort zone. The imprints from my body are here. It’s warm and cozy. I don’t have to feel rejection here or criticism. Both I don’t take very well. I have fail multiple times in my life and I absolutely hate that feeling. I am however, slowly, very very slowly teaching myself to step out of my comfort zone. To reach out to new things. I can’t fail if I never even try and that alone is more sad than failing. I worry that when I publish my books that they will fail and be relieved horribly, but I am way more than a failure if I don’t publish them regardless of how the readers interpret them. Not everyone is going to love or even read my books, but there are people who will like and read them. Hopefully pass them on to their friends and family because they like them that well.

Last time I posted to you guys I told you we were moving to Myrtle Beach, however our plans have changed at least for now. Things were sitting very well with us about leaving. We changed our plans so we will be staying in Iowa. We are currently looking for a camper that we can live in full time. Our man goal this year is to travel more even if it is a weekend trip to somewhere. We plan on one big trip this year with a few friends. The destination for that trip will be released closer to us going in September. As always we will upload and share pictures with you there. I hope that you all are starting of the New Year well.


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