Tonight was my youngest’s music concert at school. I love the fact that they lead with the Star Spangled Banner. I love hearing the kids singing it. However, I don’t like those adults that don’t lead by example at all. They talk to each other or stare off in space. That is not even just during The Star Spangled Banner. It is the whole time. Talking to others around them. Not teaching their children to remotely listen to the concert or to even be quiet. Now don’t get me wrong, I know that some children because of age or some other reason can’t be quiet or need to cry. However, letting your child(ren) run around like crazy screaming and yelling is rude. Not only to your child that put in work to perform, the other parents that want to hear their child(ren) sing, the music teacher that got this together, but also the school teachers, volunteers, or staff that got everything together. You are also teaching your child(ren) that what they do or work hard for means nothing to you. And that is a really crappy feeling. You are teaching them that it is ok not to respect others.


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