I have been binge watching The Gilmore Girls lately. I have been feeling a bit under the weather so I thought something with some nostalgia was due. Gilmore Girls came out when I was the same age as Rory. I always wanted to live in a town like that. I never finished the series because I had Vin. I was working full-time and raising him that I just never finished it. So, looking through my options I decided upon this. I still want to live in a town like this that celebrates the heritage of the town. Everyone is close. I would still love to own a small bookstore in a town like that. I am 30 episodes from finishing out the series and still yet to have so many questions answered. Hopefully, they will tie all the strings up. They have a follow-up series so guess that might answer the questions I might still have. After I finish Gilmore Girls it’s back to Gray’s Anatomy. I needed a break after the airplane incident on the show. It broke my heart.


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