Momma’s Boys

For those of you who don’t know Alex is in a direct sales company that has things for fur babies. Cat and Dogs. No, I’m not going to push that on our blog. If you have questions about the company you can ask otherwise we won’t be pushing that on the blog. We were making […]

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This recipe I used to feed 4 adults with 2 kabobs each and 2 extra kabobs 2 lbs of charcoal steak (cubed, and put into a baggie of marinade-whichever you prefer) 1 yellow pepper 1 red pepper 1 Red Onion 1 can chunked Pineapple 1 package of Button Mushrooms (washed and patted dry) I used […]

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Foodies Unite

I would love for us to have a place for us to all share recipes with each other. No matter how you eat whether it is plant-based eating, vegan, vegetarian, or omnivorous I want everyone to be able to share recipes or just find something you have never tried before.

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Fur Babies

We are very much animal lovers. Honestly, if I could and Alex would allow it I would own tons of land and take in as many animals as possible. I love them, but for right now in our lives we have 2 beautiful dogs. Tweeter and Bentley! Please share your animals with us as well!

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Music Concerts

Tonight was my youngest’s music concert at school. I love the fact that they lead with the Star Spangled Banner. I love hearing the kids singing it. However, I don’t like those adults that don’t lead by example at all. They talk to each other or stare off in space. That is not even just […]

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I have been binge watching The Gilmore Girls lately. I have been feeling a bit under the weather so I thought something with some nostalgia was due. Gilmore Girls came out when I was the same age as Rory. I always wanted to live in a town like that. I never finished the series because […]

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Believing in yourself

I know just from the title of this that it sounds like a very cliche title, but it is very much so a thing. I am the biggest procrastinator. I have erased so many blogs that I have written out for all of you because I worry about the judgment or that someone won’t like […]

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