As my girls are bowling with their soccer teammates today to draw a closing to their season, and Vincent is hunting with his Uncles and Grandpa, I am sitting here thinking of just how much this is my favorite time of year. The memories that my children are making with family and friends are memories that will last a lifetime. My son is so very lucky to have his grandpa and his uncles to be able to hunt with for opening pheasant season. Vincent and his Papa have been close since the day he was born. My Dad was one of first to hold him and they have been bonded ever since. I hope that bond is also built on the fact that Vincent shares his name with his Papa. I remember waiting excitedly for my Dad to come home from hunting when I was young so he could show me what he got that day. Pheasant hunting meant feathers that we could tickle each other with and laugh together. Deer meant chili. I have very fond memories of hunting season in my childhood.

The girls hanging out with their teammates and making memories on and off the field are something I hope they cherish the rest of their lives. I remember my teammates when I was a kid and how awesome it was to spend time with them even after our seasons were over. It also teaches them about bonds and helps them grow friendships. We also have some of the best soccer couches and are very lucky that they truly care about our girls on and off the field. That isn’t always the case with couches. They cheer them on from the sidelines, show them how they can grow their skills, teach them good sportsmanship on and off the field, and how to be better humans in general. Which I am forever grateful for.

Fall is my favorite time of year for many reasons. I love the cuddles with my children who are growing way too fast if you ask me. I am happy for warm tea to warm my hands and my insides. I am happy for crafty projects because we don’t want to spend tons of time outside when it’s chilly. I love fires burning in rings under the stars. I love comfy clothes and blankets. I love the color of the tree leaves. So many reasons to love fall!


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