20180912_190420I was scrolling facebook one afternoon while I was at work, one of my friends had posted this picture of a dog that was looking for a home. Alex and I had discussed getting a dog, but hadn’t really been looking very hard or had really decided on what kind of breed we wanted. I contacted my friend Cindy about the dog. She was posting it for a friend that was getting rid of him. We set up for Alex and I to go and meet this dog when I got off from work later that evening. It was honestly to me love at first site. He was just so darn cute. He was trained for commands, house broke, was a young dog but was out of his puppy stage. I bent down to pet him and he walked up and put his face to mine and I knew we were taking him home.  He is an awesome dog. We have had him now for 4 years and I love it. We love to take him fishing with us. He loves to swim. Frisbee is his favorite thing to do, besides car rides. Alex takes him almost everywhere he goes. We could not have known that night the love he would bring to our lives. I am so very grateful to have him in our lives. No, we did not pick out his name. If you are wondering where it came from his previous owner named him that after the movie Varsity Blues. We usually call him Tweets for short.


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