This is Bentley. Our newest family addition. We went to volunteer at our animal rescue a few weeks ago and came home with this sweet boy. My birthday had been a few days before we volunteered and I had been telling Alex that I wanted a smaller dog for he could be more of a lap dog. Tweeter is a good night cuddler and protector, however, I had wanted a dog that I could cuddle with a bit more often than that. He told me to hold off and if I found one at the ARL that he would get it for me as a late present. I love rescue dogs. Let me make this clear, I, in no way, shape, or form condemn breeders if they are a stand-up breeder and take care of their dogs, pups, and the families that buy from them. I do not agree with puppy mills or “Backyard breeders” that over do not take care of their dogs or pups. That continue to breed and breed just to make money and then drop off the dogs that they can’t sell to the ARL or wherever when they are no longer puppies and can’t make tons of money off them. I do think that more people should give rescue dogs a chance. When I laid eyes on Bentley I was in love with just how gentle he was for being as miss treated as he had been. He came to our local ARL as a rescue from a hoarding situation. He was malnourished, sick, and neglected. Bentley has in the few short weeks that he has been a part of our family brought so much love and laughter to us. And, yes he is curled up next to me.  Tweeter has been an awesome big brother and is showing him just how to be a dog in this house, now if we could just get him to poop outside.


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