Beautiful Fall

As my girls are bowling with their soccer teammates today to draw a closing to their season, and Vincent is hunting with his Uncles and Grandpa, I am sitting here thinking of just how much this is my favorite time of year. The memories that my children are making with family and friends are memories […]

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Year 34

I had a birthday a little over a month ago, so I have been thinking since then about year 33 of my life and how I want to change things about my life or things I want to keep moving forward with. I am the worst person when it comes to standing in my own […]

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Friendly Friday

Okay, so something that is important to us is to make others feel good about themselves too. If you see someone wearing something you like tell ’em. If you see that someone is hungry buy them a meal. If you see someone trip and fall go help them up. Random acts of kindness make other […]

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A bit more about us

Alex and I met almost 6 years ago on an online video game. I won’t give you the whole “It was love at first sight” because it was not.  We spent many nights planning out our builds for our character and going over maps to learn the correct way to run the maps when you […]

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This is Bentley. Our newest family addition. We went to volunteer at our animal rescue a few weeks ago and came home with this sweet boy. My birthday had been a few days before we volunteered and I had been telling Alex that I wanted a smaller dog for he could be more of a […]

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I was scrolling facebook one afternoon while I was at work, one of my friends had posted this picture of a dog that was looking for a home. Alex and I had discussed getting a dog, but hadn’t really been looking very hard or had really decided on what kind of breed we wanted. I […]

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